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Section IV. Client Information System (CIS)- Utilities


I. Clients

II. Lists

III. Entities

IV. Utilities

V. Schema



Client Information System Main Menu - Click here to enlarge   Note: Click on thumbnails to enlarge (Opens in new window)

Main Menu  - Clients

Utilities Command

Utilities Menu

Fig. IV-1 Utilities Menu

Since the CIS application is a split database model (program mdb linked to a data mdb), a set of utilities are provided to manage and monitor the status of the program links to the data tables.


Linked Status Command

Linked Table List (107875 bytes)

Fig. IV-2 Linked Table Status Form

The linked table status form verifies the link to each of the data tables and displays the result. A linked table list is maintained in the program mdb.

Data Version (14611 bytes)

Fig. IV-3 Data File Version

A table is maintained in the data mdb to track version changes in the tables or changes to the database design (schema).

Especially during development as changes are made, it is important to be able to verify that the client is working with the most recent copy of the database design.

Once an application is in production (being used for 'real' data), changes are sometimes made to the database data design (although most changes after the application is released for production are made to the program mdb, such as new reports, etc.).

When the database schema is modified, this typically requires a new program mdb, and we need to check that all users have the most recent program to work against the latest copy of the data mdb. By maintaining a version table in the data mdb, the developer can have the program check and warn users if they are running an old copy of the program (against a newer back-end data design) and should upgrade their program mdb.

When troubleshooting remotely, this utility also gives the developer information about the configuration of the program at the client's facility.

Relink Dialog (25052 bytes)

Fig. IV-4 Relink Dialog Question

Normally, the program is linked to the data and 'remembers' this information each time the program is run.

And the program checks for data link status each time the program starts.

However, there are occasions when either the client or the developer needs to re-link to the data once the program is running. This is a rare event, but can happen such as when there are multiple copies of the data (not a good idea!), or when a new copy of the data mdb is installed with changes to the linked table list (new tables, for example).

The program provides a utility for forcing the re-link process to run.