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Section II. Client Information System (CIS)- Lists


I. Clients

II. Lists

III. Entities

IV. Utilities

V. Schema


Client Information System Main Menu - Click here to enlarge   Note: Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Main Menu  - Clients

Lists Command

The application uses a number of standardized lists for information such as address type (HOME, OFFICE, etc).

These reference lists can be maintained through the Lists selection from the Main Menu.


Address Type (34105 bytes)

Fig. II-1. Address Type

Advisor Type (57881 bytes)

Fig. II-2 Advisor Type

Entity Type (54014 bytes)

Fig II-3 Entity Type

Family Member Type (43729 bytes)

Fig. II-4 Family Member Type

Medical Speciality Type (62739 bytes)

Fig. II-5 Medical Specialties

Name Prefix (11397 bytes)

Fig. II-6 Name Prefix

Financial Planners (43587 bytes)

Fig. II-7 Financial Planners

Financial Products (63691 bytes)

Fig II-8 Financial Services -  Product Offerings

Staff Members (44577 bytes)

Fig. II - 9 Staff Members (other than Planners)