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Section I. Client Information System (CIS)- Clients


I. Clients

II. Lists

III. Entities

IV. Utilities

V. Schema


Client Information System Main Menu - Click here to enlarge   Note: Click on thumbnails to enlarge (Opens in new window)

Main Menu  - Clients

Clients Command

Locate Client in Client List

Fig. I-1 Client List

Fig. I - 1. Client List

The focus of the CIS program is clients as individuals, and users need to locate a client record quickly to respond to telephone inquiries. Selecting Clients from the Main Menu opens the client list form.

This list can be searched by Client #, Last Name, City, State, ZIP, or Planner (the firm's financial planner assigned to the client).

Last Name Search Command

For example, if the user needs to locate a client whose last name is 'Stephens', the user clicks on the Last Name command.

Last Name Search Dialog Box

Fig. I-2. Find by Name

Only the first few characters of the last name need to be entered.

Last Name Find Results

Fig. I-3. Result of search for 'ste'

The list sorts by last name, and highlights the first record meeting the criteria. Note in this case, the user sees both a 'Stephens' and a 'Stevens' in the list, so may need to ask the caller their city (Chicago or Boston), or confirm the spelling of the last name to find the specific client. Of course, Client # is unique, so if the caller already knows their client number, their record can be located by Client #.

Drill Down to Client Form

Client 1000

On the Client List, click on the Client # box to drill down to the client record. Alternatively, you may hit the Enter key which opens the client record for the underlined row.

Basic Client Record - Click to enlarge

Basic Client Record (Click to enlarge)

Client Record Tabs

Click on image to enlarge

Primary Address (11549 bytes)

Primary Address

Personal Data (13263 bytes)

Personal Data

Spouse Information (13032 bytes)


Family Members (11971 bytes)

Family Members

Other Contact Data (9828 bytes)

Other Contact Information

Specialties (5409 bytes)

Medical Specialties if applicable

Advisors (18680 bytes)

Professional Advisors for Client

Entities Services (8067 bytes)

Entities and Services for Client

Note: While the firm tracks clients as individuals, the financial services that the firm provides are assigned to an Entity record. For example, the client may be in a group medical practice, and the firm may provide services to the group.

If the service is provided directly to the client as an individual, then the service type is 'IND'