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General Topics

Projects by Industry - Brief description of selected MS Access information systems developed by Dave Thompson Consulting.

10 Rules for Successful Projects - The primary consideration for any development project should be success v. failure. Here are some characteristics of projects that succeed.

Project Programming Costs - For business users considering initiating a database development project.

Project Development Process - Example of the process to develop a custom database application.

Application Examples

Resource Database - A contact database with log notes capability designed originally to meet the requirements of a busy emergency room of a hospital. Emphasis on definitive search fields with program lookup assistance, display of information as required (drill down to contact detailed information), ease of adding contact notes, with  color coded highlighting of contacts having recent note entries.

Client Information System - Multi-user client information system description with emphasis on user interface to display multiple information elements for each client. Background auditing provides date/time stamping for new records and changes made to existing data elements.

Programming Techniques

List Navigation w/Drill Down - A description of the programming technique of presenting a list with navigation and lookup features to facilitate locating the target record (such as a specific client), then using drill-down to display the complete data set for the one client. Multi-user, network performance is a design consideration.

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Links Page - A few useful links for MS Access users and developers.


Resume - Resume for Dave Thompson