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A Resource List Database Program for Microsoft® Access

I. Introduction

II. List Navigation

III. Drill Down

IV. Contact Notes

V. Keyboard-Only (Mouseless) Operation

VI. Database Schema

V. Keyboard-Only (Mouseless) Operation

Space in E/R's is limited, especially for administrative devices such as computers. A PC may be located on a busy counter, or even on a rollaway cart.

In other words, finding the space needed for a mouse pad can be a challenge.

Time is also an issue. When an E/R staff person, or E/R doc, is looking for the telephone number of a resource, a keyboard-driven application is oftentimes more convenient (faster) than locating the correct spot on the screen with a mouse pointer.

The resource list program described here can be navigated and information found without using a mouse. Of course, the mouse can be used, and for those having touch screen technology, touching a command button is the equivalent of a "point-and-click" operation. (See for example the products available from Elo at )

Every search operation on the primary list can be initiated from the keyboard by holding down the Alt key and pressing the underlined letter for the operation. For example:

Example of shortcut key use - Alt+N for name lookup

Figure V-1. Shortcut Key Alt+N

Once the Find by Name dialog box is opened, you may type the search text, and press Enter to start the search. To cancel the search, you may press Esc. While the mouse may be used, its use is optional to conduct a search from the primary list.


Active Record Record Pointer and UnderlineClick to enlarge. Opens in new window)

Figure V-2. Active Record Pointer and Underline

The active record for the primary list has a pointer in the left margin, and is underlined. This record pointer (to the active record) can be moved up and down by using the arrow keys (up/down), the Tab key, or the Page Up/Page Down keys. Also, Ctrl+Home moves the pointer to the first record in the list, and Ctrl+End moves the pointer to the last record in the list.

Once the record is located, press Enter to drill down to the full record (or click on Last Name/Entity Name, yellow hot zone.)