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A Resource List Database Program for Microsoft® Access

I. Introduction

II. List Navigation

III. Drill Down

IV. Contact Notes

V. Keyboard-Only (Mouseless) Operation

VI. Database Schema

IV. Contact Notes

Contact notes can be logged to any entry in the database. This can be useful in an E/R environment, for example, to note the result of a resource contact or telephone conversation.

Log entries (contact notes) can be added from either the list screen or the detail screen as shown in Figures 1 and 2 below.

Log File Comments - Count and Drill Down
Figure IV-1. Log File Column on Primary List Screen

Figure 1 shows five log entries exist for Adams and none for Brown. Also, Adams has at least log entry note made, or modified, within the last eight hours.

The Log field is a hot zone. Clicking on the field will open the log notes form. You may also use the shortcut key, Alt+L, to open the log notes form.

Note that the Log field is blank for the row below Adams. This indicates that no log entry notes exist for Brown. The Log field is still a hot zone, and clicking on a blank entry will allow you to create a log (comment) entry.

Log comments are also available from the detail view (drill down from Main List) as shown in Figure IV-2 below.

Hot Zone for Log Entries
Hot Zone for Adams Log Entries 

Log File Entries ExampleClick to enlarge (Opens in new window)

Figure IV-2. Log Entries for "Adams"

Entries are displayed with the most recent record first. The most recent record is determined by the Last Edit date/time.

Note that for Adams, the most recent entry has a Last Edit Date/Time within eight hours of the local time (6:07 PM). The row for Adams in the primary list highlights the recent comment by providing color coded background surrounding the log file count.

Detail Form - Log Command (Click to enlarge - opens in new window)

Figure IV-3. Log Entries From Detail Record Form

Log entries can also be edited/added from the detail record form as shown in Fig. IV-3 above.

The Primary List form also enables the user to narrow the records displayed to only those having a log entry comment that has been edited (either new comment, or changing the content of an earlier comment) recently (with the past 24 hours).


List with all entries shown (Click to enlarge - opens in new window)
Figure IV-4. Primary List with All Records Displayed

Show Recent Entries Command
Figure IV-5. Command to limit list to only those with recent log entries


Primary List having recent log entries (Click to enlarge - opens in new window)
Figure IV-6. Primary List Restricted to Recent Log Event Records Only