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A Resource List Database Program for Microsoft® Access

I. Introduction

II. List Navigation

III. Drill Down

IV. Contact Notes

V. Keyboard-Only (Mouseless) Operation

VI. Database Schema

III. Drill Down

Once a record is located, the complete record can be displayed by a drill down technique.

Figure III-1. Active Record

Once an entry is located in the list, you can drill down to that record's data by either clicking on the hot zone (yellow background for Last Name field), or by hitting the enter key.

Detail Record (Page 1)

Figure III-2a. Detail Record

Detail Record - Page 2 (Click to enlarge - opens in new window)

Figure III-2b. Detail Record - Page 2 Tab Information

The detail record opens as read-only. To edit (change) any of the contact information, use the Edit On/Off feature as shown in Figure 3 below.

Detail Form Footer with EDIT OFF
Figure III-3a. Edit Off

Data may be viewed, but not changed. Opening a form with the edit feature off prevents accidental changing of data through inadvertent keystrokes by the user. To edit (change) any information, the user must first turn Edit ON.

Detail Form Footer with EDIT ON
Figure III-3b. Edit On

Data may be changed (edited). Note: the move to Previous or Next record feature is disabled when Edit is ON. The user must finish editing the current record before moving to another record.