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A Resource List Database Program for Microsoft® Access

I. Introduction

II. List Navigation

III. Drill Down

IV. Contact Notes

V. Keyboard-Only (Mouseless) Operation

VI. Database Schema

II. List Navigation

List Header - Find and Sort Commands
Figure II-1. Resource List Search Commands

The list may be searched by Name, Code, or Specialty. While the list may also be sorted by the same fields, when a find/lookup operation is conducted, the list automatically sorts by the Find criteria such as Name.

Search Name - Leading Characters

Find by Name(Click to enlarge. Opens in new window)

Figure II-2a. Search: Name Starts With "do"

Find by Name search results (click to open in new window)

Figure II-2b. Search Result

The name field may be searched by entering the first few characters (one or more) of the name. When the search is run, the program will position the list at the first entry meeting your criteria. In the case of "Doe", you can search for "d", "do", or "doe".

Search Name - Contains

Search: Name contains "hosp"

Figure II-3a. Search: Name Contains "hosp"

First record having "hosp" in name

Figure II-3b. First record having "hosp" in name

Note that once you begin a Contains search, a new command button appears. Find Next can be used to search for other entries in the database where the name field contains "hosp".

resour07.gif (7873 bytes)

Figure II-3c. Second record having "hosp" in name

The contains search feature provides a useful method to search the database as an alternative to the conventional "starts with" approach.