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Air Crew Duty Log. Track crew duty data of flight crew for FAA compliance and payroll tracking.

Commercial Real Estate - Appraisals. Import, clean-up, and build custom mail list with individualized comparison data. Dynamically build and execute SQL for comparison analysis of properties.

Commercial Real Estate - Finance. Manage list of lenders and equity sources to include contact information and parameters of sources such as industry specializations, geographical areas of focus, and typical deal size.

Communications. Circuit information and status database for communications center of national credit reporting agency (multi-user).

Employee Review Process. Annual employee review process with passwords and upstream supervisor access.

Engineering Firm. Multi-user application to track test requests. End-to-end process tracking to include requestor, status, assigned test person, test specs and notes, and dates such as request date, requested finish date, and actual finish date. Report on data by status, initiating department, requestor, and assigned test engineer.

Financial Industry. Manage list of lenders and equity sources to include contact information and parameters of sources such as industry specializations, geographical areas of focus, and typical deal size.

Home Building and Related Services - Corporate Tax Planning.   Using financial algorithms from old software, and report examples, develop a true rendition in MS Access with relational model and currency data types for accuracy.

Numbers shown as thousands, and rounding algorithm with VBA code procedures provide consolidated reports that can be reconciled with individual company reports. Increased functionality over legacy software to support multi-user and enhanced ad hoc reporting. 

Corporate structure is groups and companies. Reporting is available for individual companies and groups.

Hotel Industry. Various group/department level multi-user applications for promotions and customer relationship tracking.

Legal. Client information, multi-user database for class action law firm. Access secure workgroup logon with users in several states updating (online) backend Access database in Dallas . A complex application with an extended development effort with most enhancements slip-streamed after the software was in daily use.

Management Consulting. Multi-part performance/goals questionnaire for management consulting firm. Project tracking software for consulting firm in joint development with major airline.

Manufacturers Rep Firm. Monthly commission reporting for multiple rep groups representing manufacturers' lines across multiple retail locations with commission structure by location. Import point of sale (POS) sales data from delimited, text source files.

Manufacturing: Production and Downtime Tracking (National)  Set daily production goals based on the equipment model and the day's production mix (machine configuration). Track downtime events by equipment and issue type. Capture both production time lost and time-to-repair. Allow for event comments both by machine operator and maintenance personnel. Reports available for standardized date ranges (30, 60, 90, 180 days) or user-entered date range. Configure program interface based on user group logon (floor, office, reports only, admin).

Medical/Healthcare. Prescription lookup, print, and log file capture for E/R use. Provider (M.D.) credentialing program for medical industry consulting firm.

National Company - Multi-Store Applications for two groups: Engineering/Facilities: Manage fixed capital appropriations (approved amount - then track purchase orders and invoices by store location). Track lease renewal information for the real estate group.

Printing Plant - Gather timesheet information and track hours charged against specific jobs and account codes. Measure job hours against targets. Compare operators performanace across jobs and specific equipment (presses).  Aggreate and report on plant-wide activity for date ranges.

Promotional Products - Quote program with product images and multiple quantity pricing levels.

Real Estate, Multi-locations - Track location, lease information for several divisions of major US retailer.

Quote Program for Electronics Company. Multi-user, quote program to assemble quotes from standard  products, outside purchase, and services. Allow setting of quote margins and present internal-use analysis of quote by line item. Print/export customer copy of quote. Maintain quote history.


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